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Vickie & Robert Stangl
Flint Hills National

“When my husband and I decided to build a new home for the third time, we knew the most important decision was selecting the right builder.  Our first two build jobs were tortuous. Every time something went wrong it was our fault and the builder made sure we got the bill for the mistake. Even more annoying was realizing the other builders made deals with area vendors limiting our choices of where we could buy lights, appliances, tile etc., which meant in the end, we didn’t always get what we wanted but the builder certainly benefited. We wanted to find a builder who was willing to construct a house that would remind us of our days on the East Coast with a mixture of the Federalist period and the Hampton’s style of design.

Fortunately for us, we discovered Craig Pate; the most polite, calm and experienced builder. Craig was extremely patient with all the different ideas we suggested. Craig became our advocate in making sure subs and other workers were doing their job.  He always listened to my questions and suggestions with respect, and when some of my ideas were questionable, he was still willing to give it a try over his best professional opinion, as I grew to trust Craig, I knew if he expressed any reservations about something – always in his most polite manner, I probably needed to rethink my idea.

When it came to finances, Craig kept careful accounts of what was being spent and where we might save if we considered other options. And, one of my pet peeves about building, Craig managed to keep the building site as clean as possible. The bottom line was that Craig wanted to build us a beautiful home and make this experience as easy as he could on us. He succeeded. Just look at these pictures and you can see how Craig allowed us to customize our home with the most special and unique designs and products to make our home in Wichita, not just one of kind, but truly spectacular. Thanks Craig!

Don Sbarra
Flint Hills National

Susana and I were walking around our home, admiring how unique it is. I wanted you to know that you built a great house. Your patience and focused attention was appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon.

Best regards-

Jon and Laura Mattson
New home in Auburn Hills

In 2011 after looking at numerous existing homes we decided to build.  Our real estate agent referred us to Craig Pate. He told us that Craig did quality work for a reasonable price, which we found to be true.  Craig was down to earth and easy to work with.  We reviewed several house plans and found one we thought could work.  Craig arranged for us to see the actual home, which was very helpful.  After making some changes to the plans and working out the details, we agreed on a price and signed a contract.

His sub-contractors were very professional and pleasant.  We were especially impressed with the trim carpenters and the quality of work they did.  Craig was knowledgeable about the process, was very involved, and would keep us informed from start to finish.  Much of the time we would find Craig at the site, otherwise we communicated with him either by phone or by e-mail and he was always quick to respond.  He had good suggestions but also listened to what we wanted and did his best to accommodate our wishes.  Throughout the process, if we wanted to make a change Craig let us know what it would cost and kept track of our overages.  It was nice to settle up at the end of the process rather than having to deal with the change orders.

We have been thrilled with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend Craig to anyone thinking about building the home of their dreams.

Shane and Tiffany Cash

When we first decided to build a new home, many people reminded us of an old saying, “If you want to test your marriage, build a new house.” Well, those folks obviously didn’t build with Craig. Simply put, our experience exceeded our expectations from beginning to end. Craig made sure we were 100% satisfied with every step, every detail, and if we weren’t, he made it so without giving a second thought.

Throughout the six months of building, we learned more about Craig from friends and family that knew or knew of him. Every comment, remark, or story mentioned that there is not a better, more honest man we could have chosen. We heard nothing but positive remarks about both the quality of his work and the quality of his character.

Craig’s personality and calm demeanor resonates through his sub-contractors as well. Each one we worked with made sure we were completely satisfied and that our expectations were met. They were flexible, dedicated, and produced quality work that you can’t find in just any new home.

We have been in our home a few months now, and we are still amazed that “this is our house.” Craig made our dream a reality and we wouldn’t change a thing. Because of his vision and passion we not only have a safe, beautiful house, we have a home we are proud of.



Cheryl Williams

Craig is building our home. We cannot sing his praises enough!! He is a man of integrity! A true JOY to work with. He goes above and beyond. He truly wants you to be happy with your new home. He came highly recommended to us and we highly recommend him to anyone wanting to build a custom home of high quality! Thank you Craig. You are a blessing to us!

Chris Tincher

Craig built our house and if I build again he will build our next house!! Outstanding builder and wonderful person to work with!!

Danny Traffas

Sadly, I never bought a Pate Construction home….but had I done so, probably wouldn’t have lost money on my last Kansas home. I have known Craig for 12 years….a TOTAL CLASS ACT! And, you always get upgrades that make you money on the resale.

Lisa Marker Rojas

Craig is the BEST builder around! Such a genuine person and kind man! We are so BLESSED to have him building our home!

Carl Doppler

Great company to work with!! I would recommend them to anyone!!

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